TAG 365 Gifting Program

Letting your clients know how much you appreciate them on a regular basis is vital to maintaining strong client relationships.

“But I’m so busy already.  How can I find time to keep in touch with all my clients?”

By playing TAG!  Our Thanks, Appreciation & Gratitude (TAG) program is an effective, simple way to keep in touch and stay fresh in the minds of your clients.  Our program sends personalized gift baskets to your clients for a full year.   These tokens of appreciation and thanks are customized for your clients and sent in your name.   It takes a fraction of your time and we’ll take care of all the details of gift wrapping, packaging, and delivery!

Our simple setup process keeps you in touch with each of your clients for a full year!

Here’s how it works:

  • Enroll your client in our program at this website. The first gift will be sent immediately
  • Additional gift baskets are sent 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after you enroll your client.
  • Each time a gift is sent, we will notify you with details on the gift sent, a tracking number, and a picture of the gift so that you can follow-up by telephone if you desire.
  • Each month you will receive a customer status and activity report, showing you which gifts were sent and when.  The report will also indicate which customers have completed your program, so you can decide to renew or extend your follow-up.

Simple and sweet!  Enroll your clients today!